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Our eBay store is currently closed while we upgrade our inventory system. Please send us yourenquiry via our Parts Request Form or contact us directly on 07 5472 7222.

Alloy Wheels

Click here for Alloy Wheels for sale on ebay
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Subaru Engines
Pictue of Subaru Engine
We stock a huge range of Subaru Engines.
SOHC - EJ16 EJ18 EJ20 EJ22 EJ25
DOHC - 2.0RFA20 FB20 FB25
WRX, XT& GT- EJ20 EJ25
H6 - EZ30 & EZ36 6 cylinder
Turbo Diesel - EE20
Subaru Gearbox

Picture of SUBARU Gearbox

We stock a huge range of Subaru Manual Gearboxes, Auto Transmissions & CVT Transmissions for 4 Cylinder, 6 Cylinder and Turbo models. Delivery Australia wide.

We also stock a wide range of rear diffs for other models including R160 LSD & R180 LSD. Limited Slip Differentials include basic open style as shown above, Viscus R160 LSD for performance models such as the WRX and Mechanical R180 LSD for higher performance models such as the WRX Sti & Liberty GT Sti.
Need a Computer for your Subaru?
We stock a huge range of Engine & Auto Computers

4wd & Light Commercial Parts

Sunshine Coast 4wd Wreckerswebiste

Subaru Servicing & Mechanical Repairs

Sunspares Parts Plus has a fully equipped workshop with three full time mechanics enabling us to keep your Subaru in peak condition. We offer the following services :

Picture of Sunspares Subaru Workshop

  • Full Subaru Book Servicing
  • for Models upto 2005*

    Level 1 - 12,500km Service from $190*

    Level 2 - 25,000km Service from $260*

    Level 3 - 50,000km Service from $550*

    Level 4 - 100,000km Service from $900*

    for Models from 2006 onwards

    Level A - 12,500km Service from $190*

    Level F - 75,000km Service from $200*

    Level B - 25,000km Service from $190*

    Level G - 87,500km Service from $190*

    Level C - 37,500km Service from $225*

    Level H - 100,000km Service from $310*

    Level D - 50,000km Service from $450*

    Level I - 112,500km Service from $500*

    Level E - 67,500km Service from $280*

    Level J - 125,000km Service from $600*

    * Please note these prices are a guide only as there is some variation in service requirements & parts costs between models. Prices subject to change without notice. For 2005 MY06 models use 2006 onwards schedule.

  • Check Engine Light on? Cruise Light Flashing? We offer Electronic Diagnostics for Engine Management Systems, Auto Transmissions, Cruise Control, ABS Brakes.

  • Mechanical Repairs including Brakes, Engine & Gearbox replacement & repairs, Cooling System repairs, Timing Belt replacement, Steering & suspension replacement, Driveshaft & Diff replacement.
  • Picture of Sunspares Courtesy Car

  • Fitting Service for New or Used Parts

  • Courtesy Cars are available for major mechanical jobs if booked in advance.

  • We also service most other makes.

  • For Workshop Bookings
    phone [07] 5472 7222

  • * We also Service: Ford, Holden, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hyundai